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  1. Focus on our key markets by increasing our customer at 10 % at the end of the year.
  2. Maintain a customer’s satisfaction rate of more than 90 % based on customer satisfaction survey.
  3. Reduce operational cost by 3 % per year.
  4. Reduce cost on non conforming materials (scrap and rework) by 5 %.
  5. Ensure 95% delivery in time for purchased material to comply the schedule.
  6. Strict compliance with employees annual training schedule; Target 100%.
  7. Maintain 100% accuracy in Design and Drawing.
  8. Strict compliance on safety based on IMS requirements, Target; zero accident.
  9. Strict compliance on legal requirement. Target; 100 % compliance.
  10. Reduce risks from vehicle accidents by 100%.
  11. Reduce fuel consumption by 3% from previous year.


Emirates German Foundations LLC (EGF) is committed to meet and exceed customer requirements, working safely, protecting the health of our employees and other aspect that may be affected by our operations and also minimize the impact of our activities in the environment.

EGF will strive for continual improvement of its EHS performance by managing the HSE system efficiently.

EGF Management is committed to:

  1. Full compliance with all applicable legislative requirements of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE Federal/Labor Law and UAE/International Standards of its work of area.
  2. EGF considers that Management is most accountable for the working environment, health and safety of its employees.
  3. Ensure that all risks associated with people, property, process and environment are adequately identified and managed.
  4. Create and maintain an environment of trust, personal integrity, mutual respect, an open communication.
  5. Meet and exceed International Standards for our products and services.
  6. Improve the quality of our community.
  7. Set objectives and targets at all levels and functions and strive to achieve them.
  8. Reduce all types of pollution and minimize the effect in our environment.
  9. Ensure to prevent accidents at work through vigilance and proper employee training and to ensure compliance with all legal requirements pertaining to the health and safety of people.
  10. Ensure provision of sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision.
  11. Routine review of EHS performance by managers, supported by proper reporting process.

Management is committed to provide the resources for the effective implementation of the EHS Policy and Management System and to ensure that our policy is communicated and understood throughout the organization. The policy will be reviewed yearly and or if required will be amended to keep it in place with current legislation, codes of practice and working conditions.